Welcome to JBella LLC (AKA JBella Photography)!

Here you will get so much more than just a great photo!

Saraellen Bagby, owner and lead photographer has always had a love for anything that invokes happiness in others. That love grows deeper when she is able to connect with her clients in away that is impactful on their every day lives. 


Ok, maybe that's to  deep, so let me break it down. Taking a photo becomes so much more than taking a photo when you meet someone that is not 100% confident in the way they smile, or the way the small scar sets just above their left cheek, or Wait I got this one......... the natural changes they've endured since the birth of their little one. Well Saraellen prides herself on being as relatable, understanding and realistic with her clients as possible. Encouragement would be an understatement as she lives for the moment of revealing a final gallery and the excitement (sometimes tears) that come with that moment. 


At JBella Photography every session includes a complimentary consultation to cover the clients goals, expectations and personal vision. So whether your session is a self portrait, milestone celebration or even a cherished moment like an engagement, growing family or Wedding - we want to ensure that it is captured just right. Years from now we hope that you are still able to feel the excitement with every page turned in your professional photo album.


In addition to photography Saraellen is also a licensed Cosmetologist and Professional Makeup artist in the state of Virginia. This service is offered as an add on option  to any photography package.

Saraellen also travels as needed to clients to provide a dose of much needed personal pampering . In her 20 plus years of being in customer service she has worked both the service side of the industry with customer service being a top priority.

 It will be a pleasure to schedule your next appointment so please do review the website and send a message when your ready to book. We look forward to connecting with you and your family for years to come!